Performance Update: Why We Added US$15,000 To Our FX Copy Trading Account

This is an update on our returns using ‘CopySam’ from Samtrade FX, and how it has fared for us.  After 1.5 months, our profit stood at US$1,405.19 from an initial deposit of US$10,924 (including a US$20 test withdrawal), giving us an ROI of 12.86%.

This is an exceptional result for us as the US and SG markets have been very volatile as of late. As an alternative investment, we’re also happy with its performance as compared to our crypto trades. Due to recent tweets from Elon Musk and the skepticism of alternative currency, the once-bullish crypto market has taken a beating in recent days.  

With a ROI of 12.86% from our initial deposit, we were satisfied with our returns from the Falconer/Fin888 CopySam considering that it has involved zero effort on our part. Moreover, we like that we have full flexibility and control over our funds. Since all profits and principal can be withdrawn anytime to your designated local bank account or crypto account, we decided to increase our investment by US$15,964.38 on 1 April.

As of 24 May, our profit now stands at US$1,891.42. The robot has made 121 winning trades and 31 losing trades as of 23 May.

Many people have also reached out to us with questions! We’re addressing them below. Please feel free to join our Telegram group too if you’d like to monitor and discuss the trades together with us. For those who have signed up using our referral link, do join our Telegram group too and we will add you in a separate group for more discussions.

Results Update & Risk Analysis

Trades Verification

Samtrade FX is a Verified Broker by the Financial Commission, an independent self-regulatory organization and external dispute resolution (EDR) body that is dedicated specifically to Forex.

To be a member of the Financial Commission, VerifyMyTrade would audit a sample of 5,000 trades from Samtrade FX on a monthly basis to see if it meets the audit requirements and standards.

Client’s compensation

If you bring a complaint against Samtrade FX, you can claim against a Compensation Fund by the Financial Commission of up to €20,000. This acts as an “insurance policy” for clients, but is typically only used if Samtrade FX refuses to adhere to a judgment from the Financial Commission or if they are removed from the Financial Commission without paying under a judgment that was awarded against it.

Global Sponsorship

Samtrade FX are also sponsors for global brands like English football clubs Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and Cardiff City FC.

Broker’s Awards

How to sign up

Step 1: Sign-up here

Step 2: At the sign-up page, click “Individual” account. Fill in the rest of the details.

Step 3: Under leverage ratio: use the default 1:100.

Step 4: You will need to upload a colour copy of your ID for verification. Please note you cannot use the back of your IC for address verification. 

Step 5: After Samtrade has verified your details, you can proceed to fund your account. Verification takes about 1-2 business days.

Step 6: For funding, choose Local Bank Transfer International. Add your Bank Details. You will need to prepare a bank statement showing your address for the second round of verification. Easiest way is to use FAST Transfer or Paynow from a local bank using SGD. It’ll auto-convert to USD based on prevailing exchange rate. There’s no way you can deposit from the bank in USD.

Step 7: Once your funds are credited to your account, download MetaTrader4(MT4) from the Appstore or Playstore. Use the ID and password that Samtrade emailed you to login to MT4 app. After that, all done! You’ll be able to monitor the trades real time.

Do chat with us on our Telegram group if you have any questions:

If you have signed up using our link, kindly PM us with your Samtrade username and we’ll add you to a separate Telegram group for in-depth discussions.


Minimum investment or top up is USD1,000 & NOT SGD1,000.

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