Is FLCT the best Singapore blue-chip REIT to buy now? (And how to get free S$70 cash credits)

Although the REITs sell-off has been painful, I’m quite excited to scoop up more REITs at inexpensive valuations. The last time REITs were so cheap was during the pandemic crash in 2020. When REIT prices decline, dividend yields get pushed up. Now could be another opportunity to lock in high dividend yields before REIT prices rebound. Here are 5 REITs I’ve added to my watchlist that offer 6% or higher dividend yield.

Are Things Looking Up For Alibaba, Tencent & Other Chinese Stocks?

Chinese stocks just capped its most tumultuous week in decades. After plunging to historic lows on delisting fears, China’s stock market enjoyed their biggest two-day advance since 1998. With optimism creeping back, is it time to buy? There are two camps - those that consider Chinese stocks "uninvestable", and those that think the sell-off is over.