Trust Bank review – How to get free $35 NTUC vouchers!

Image: Trust Bank

Trust is a new digital bank in Singapore backed by Standard Chartered Bank and FairPrice Group. Opening an account is as easy as downloading the Trust app. It took less than 3 minutes for our application to be approved and another 3 minutes for us to claim our free $35 NTUC e-vouchers!

(P.S want to get an extra $10 NTUC e-voucher? Use our referral code 7VHA9ME3)

Trust has multiple products including a savings account, credit card, personal accident insurance, etc.

Trust bank card review

The debit and credit cards are combined with Link Rewards, NTUC FairPrice’s rewards and loyalty programme. This isn’t a cashback card. Rather, you earn your reward points in the form of NTUC LinkPoints.

The debit card is now available but the credit card is launching soon. For the debit card, you can get up to 11% Linkpoints rebates if you spend more than $200 / month on other expenses outside of FairPrice Group (FPG) spend. FPG spend will include buying groceries at FairPrice supermarkets and dining at Kopitiam food courts.

For NTUC members

Plus, you get a $25 NTUC e-voucher when you make a first purchase on your Trust card.

All in all, if you’re an NTUC member who’s currently using the NTUC & OCBC PLUS! Card (which will be phased out early 2023), the Trust card could be a good replacement card for you.

If you aren’t an NTUC member, your rebates are only up to 5%.

For non-members

Trust savings account review

The Trust savings account offers a base interest rate of 1% per annum for deposits of up to S$50,000.

There is no lock-in period, no min. balance fee, and no foreign transaction fees too!

The interest rate isn’t that attractive however, so if you’re looking for better returns, cash management accounts may suit you better.

Ultimately, Trust is a no-frills bank account and the app is user-friendly. The welcome gift (NTUC e-vouchers) is useful too, so feel free to let your family and friends know about this!

How to get $35 NTUC FairPrice e-vouchers

TLDR: Sign up with a referral code ($10 e-voucher), make one card transaction ($25 e-voucher).

Step 1: Download the Trust Bank app and sign up

You can sign up with SingPass MyInfo for fast and seamless experience.

Step 2: Enter Promo Code

Use our referral code 7VHA9ME3 to get a $10 FairPrice E-voucher.

Step 3: Choose to open a Savings Account or get a Credit Card

If you already have too many credit cards, just sign up for the savings account. You will then be able to see your debit card in the app.

Step 4: Spend any amount on your credit / debit card (even $1 works)

Make any purchase and pay using your Trust Bank credit / debit card. You can also pay using your smartphone NFC.

Pro-tip: Link your GrabPay account to your Trust card. The process of linking will incur a $1 charge, which will be refunded almost immediately. This will be considered as a first-time spend and you’ll get your $25 sign-up e-voucher!

Step 5: Where to find your $35 FairPrice e-vouchers

You can find your FairPrice e-Vouchers in your app, under Rewards > Coupons > My Coupons.

Free stuff!

In the app, you can access the rewards (coupons) tab, where Trust Bank is giving some freebies/discounts. Examples include:

  1. Kopitiam Signature Breakfast Set
  2. 50% off Zinger Box
  3. Caltex Petrol Discounts
  4. Viu discounts

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